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Eco-Spirituality is a manifestation of the spiritual connection between  human beings and nature.  It is based on the fundamental belief in the sacredness of nature and the more than human world.  Traditional eco-spirituality is as old as humanity and has been practiced by indigenous peoples since the beginning of human history.

Eco-Spiritual Mentoring is based on an old idea, not generally recognized in our modern culture, that each person enters the world “Called”.  We have a “Soul Calling, a destiny to fulfill.  Recognizing our soul’s calling, understanding that we each have a unique destiny, is essentially what the spiritual path is all about.  It does not matter if you believe in a Creator God, following the Christian path or Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or any of the Great Wisdom Traditions.  It does not matter if you do not have a belief in God, or follow any spiritual path at all.

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We all have an innate desire to feel that our lives have purpose and meaning.  We all have a desire to feel connected to the world around us.  Eco-Spirituality is about honoring the sacredness of our relationship with the natural world and how “wildness” is already built into our very genetic code.  We are made to long for connection with wild nature and we are made to long to express our soul’s unique calling.  This is the path of Eco-Spirituality.

For most of us, our soul’s calling is not given to us in a ready made blueprint falling from the heavens.  It is by nature, mysterious, revealing itself mainly in hints, intuitions, whispers, and the sudden urges and oddities that disturb our lives; even the traumas that befall us are woven into this conversation.

If each of us is unique and our soul’s calling is unique – so too, our spiritual path is unique as well.  This doesn’t mean that we necessarily reject the well trodden paths of the great wisdom traditions, or that we reject any religious tradition altogether.  Whether we find our meaning in one of the great streams of spiritual wisdom, or we range far and wide and piece together a path that seems to “fit” for us at any given time; how we grow and develop on the spiritual path will be unique to each of us.

At the same time, it is problematic to just “make up” our own path and hope that it will lead us to liberation and fulfillment.  There are “maps” for the spiritual journey, and especially maps for engaging in practices in nature, that can provide a well trodden path for traversing the mountains and deserts of our soul’s journey.  This is why a spiritual guide, or mentor, can be very helpful, if not invaluable!

Following a spiritual path is not a sunny stroll along a smooth, well-maintained trail, although just as in hiking on a nice groomed trail on glorious sunny day is always to be appreciated, so too we sometimes are blessed with this experience on our spiritual journey.  However, inevitably the trail becomes rocky and steep, hard to follow and the sunny day is filled up with clouds and thunderstorms.  We can feel lost and disoriented.

If the process of the spiritual path is not clearly understood, it can be devastating when the trail turns steep and the weather nasty.  A lot of the time, we find ourselves trudging up endless switchbacks, standing on ridges with sudden lightning storms approaching, bush walking through unfamiliar terrain, and sometimes just downright lost. This is where a guide, with a map, who has traveled this territory before and who continues exploring the landscape, can be very, very helpful.

I base my foundation for Eco-Spiritual Mentoring in engaging with nature and the more than human world.  This can be a simple as your own backyard, a nearby park, or a wild wilderness area.

It is interesting to note that it is in nature, often wild nature, that the founders of the great wisdom traditions discerned their own true soul’s calling!

For example, the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree when he experienced his “awakening” or Jesus going out into the desert and fasting and praying for 40 days to embrace his unique destiny.

So too, it has been my experience that it is when we go into nature, into the wild, that we find ourselves most open to discerning our own soul’s calling and at the same time, receiving the confirmation and support in fulfilling our true purpose in this life.

Eco-spiritual mentoring may easily be arranged by contacting David either by phone or email.  A wide range of options are available, from a one time phone conversation to regularly scheduled mentoring meetings by phone or by Skype.

The initial conversation is always free and a sliding fee scale can be arranged if we decide to continue with Eco-spiritual mentoring.

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